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Club hockey forms the back-bone of the sport in Northerns.  Not only is this where all our top achievers, both players and officials alike, "cut their teeth", but it is also where players of all levels regularly meet just to enjoy some good hockey.

A total of 72 teams from fourteen different clubs will participate in the 2018 Winter League – equal to the highest number to date.  Below is a list of these clubs, with contact information for each.

Any clubs wishing to change or update their listing must please Contact Us.

Take note: no e-mail addresses are listed below to prevent the "harvesting" of addresses for spam purposes.  If you require addresses for any of the contact persons listed below please Contact Us.

Affies Legends
Two women's teams - premier and third league.
Contact: Graham Christie, 079-415-6041 or Chris van der Mescht, 082-516-8487.
CHiPPAs Hockey Club
Three men's teams - premier and third league (x2);
Three women's teams - premier, second and third league.
The club also has Masters teams and a Junior section.
The club is based at Cornwall Hill College in Irene, Centurion.
CHiPPAs Juniors train on Fridays from 16:30-18:00.
Seniors – all new members are welcome to join in the training sessions on Wednesdays at 19:00.
Contact: Rob Anderson 082-451-6005 or Manette Anderson 082-820-7885.
Dangerous Darkies Hockey Club (DDHC)
One men's team - third league;
One women's team - fifth league.
Contact: Sammy Kekana, 073-399-4540.
Denbeys Hockey Club
One women's teams - second league.
Contact: Tanya Beardsley, 082-453-8717 or Tinus van der Merwe, 083-282-2197.
Three men's teams - second, third and fourth league;
Six women's teams - premier, third (x2), fourth (x2) and fifth league.
Contact: Tarryn McCreedy 082-854-5852, or Lionel Stone 082-715-0478.
For more information, visit the club's Website
Nova Hockey Club
Two men's team - fourth league;
Two women's teams - fourth and fifth league.
Contact: Graham Johnson at 076-473-8907.
For more information, visit the club's Website
Old Albanians Hockey Club (Saints)
Nine men's teams - premier (x2), second (x2), third and fourth league (x4);
Ten women's teams - premier (x2), second (x2), third (x2), fourth (x2) and fifth league (x2).
One of the women's teams above is a dedicated masters side.
Old Albanians has two teams in the men's masters league.
The club has a junior section with training on Friday afternoons.
Contact: Jacques Wolmarans (Club Chairman), 061-510-2605.
For more information, visit the club's Website
Potchefstroom University (Pukke)
One men's team - premier league;
One women's team - premier league.
Contact: Sheldon Rostron (Manager NWU-PUK Hockey and Men's 1st team), 018-299-2056 / 082-726-7440; Shaun Hulley (Ladies 1st team), 018-299-2060 / 083-454-2381 or Johan Jacobs, 083-747-9432.
Pretoria High School Old Boys
Two men's teams - third and fourth league;
Two women's teams - fifth league.
The club is based at the Pretoria Boys High School astro.  Training for men is on Tuesdays 20:00-21:00 and Thursdays 18:30-20:00 and training for women is on Tuesdays 18:30-20:00 and Thursdays 20:00-21:00.
Contact: Ryan Anderson, 083-268-0211 or Cobie Odendaal, 082-337-5616.
For more information, visit the club's Website
One men's team - second league;
One women's team - fourth league.
Contact: Sammy Mendoza, 082-331-9959.
Tshwane University of Technology Vikings (TUT)
Two men's teams - premier and third league;
Two women's teams - third and fourth league.
Contact: John Wright - TUT sports organiser, 082-888-0051 or TP Motloutse, 083-961-2501.
University of Pretoria (Tuks)
Six men's teams - premier (x3), second (x2) and third league;
Seven women's teams - premier (x2), second (x4) and fourth league.
Contact: Tuks Hockey Office, 012-420-6170.
For more information, visit the club's Website
One men's teams - second league.
Contact: Eric Conway, 084-245-9020, or Oliver Nielsen, 060-971-0353.

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