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All good coaches know that one can never stop learning about this game we all love.  On this page we aim to provide resources for coaches at all levels - whether you're just starting out with a mini-hockey team, you want to learn how to get just a little more out of your high school team, or you want to get your premier league team up one position.

If there are any coaches out there who can help us with resources to publish or list on this page, or if you are a coach and would like a specific issue addressed, please Contact Us and we'll see what we can do about it!

In the meantime, we can highly recommend Shiv Jagday's website at  The "Monthly Articles" page (although only extending to June 2010) has a wealth of information, from coaching and nurturing young talent up to coaching elite international players.  His article entitled "Seven Laws of Effective Hockey" is somewhat of a classic.  The following is an excerpt from the "About Coach Shiv" page on the site:

Coach Shiv Jagday Coach Shiv, the former Canadian and USA National team coach, learned the art of playing hockey in Punjab, India, imitating the all-time great hockey players, from the Olympic and World cup champion teams India and Pakistan in the 60's and 70's.  He moved to Canada in 1977, and learned the science of hockey and the secrets of success of the European and Oceanic Hockey teams, while attending the FIH coaching seminars and observing the top teams and coaches closely.

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