Northerns "Blues" Hockey Association

High School Boys

Northerns High School Boys Committee
ChairmanCraig Hoyer083-350-3017
SecretaryNicky Pawson012-661-2341
TreasurerMandy Sutcliffe082-820-2963
League Co-ordinator: A LeagueStewart Dunbar083-784-2999
League Co-ordinator: B LeagueKyle Talbot082-562-9086
League Co-ordinator: C LeagueMartin Vrey082-469-8244
League Co-ordinator: D LeagueElmien van den Berg083-430-6500
League Co-ordinator: E League (Central)Laurika Beer082-776-1384
League Co-ordinator: E League (East)Charl Prinsloo084-440-7262
League Co-ordinator: E League (North)Sarina Leeuwner076-302-5918
League Co-ordinator: E League (U15)Hanlie Snyman082-562-7390
Northerns High School Boys Teams for 2016
Under 18 ADownload
Under 18 BDownload
Under 16 ADownload
Under 16 BDownload
Under 14 ADownload
Under 14 BDownload

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