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Winter League Structure

In order to address the different requirements of teams competing at different levels the Northerns Council has approved a number of changes to the structure which will be used for the league in 2017.  The changes will only affect teams in the premier and second leagues – the structure for the third and lower leagues will effectively be unchanged from 2016.  The leagues will now be structured as follows:

First half of season: In the first half of the season, and based on their ranking at the end of 2016, teams will be allocated to premier, second, third and fourth leagues (and a fifth league if the number of entries justify this).  Each team will then play once against each other team in the league and the standings at the end of that round-robin will determine in what league teams will compete in the second half of the season.

Second half of season: For the second half of the season the top four premier league teams will remain in the premier league.  The bottom four premier league teams will be combined with the top two teams from the second league to form the reserve league.  The teams ranked third and lower in the second league, as well as all third and fourth league teams, remain in their respective leagues.  The premier league will then play a double round-robin and all other leagues a single round-robin to determine the respective league winners.  Premier and reserve league teams will not carry over any league points from the first half of the season but second and lower leagues will.

Points: for all matches, 3 points will be awarded for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss.

Promotion and Relegation: At the end of the season, based on the final standings, the top four reserve league teams will be promoted to the premier league for the start of the 2018 season and the bottom two teams in the reserve league will be relegated to the second league.  The teams winning the third and fourth leagues will automatically be promoted one league higher, and teams ending last in the second and third leagues will be relegated one league lower.  Teams ending second in the the third and fourth leagues will have the option of challenging the teams that ended second-from-last in the league above them and, if the challenging team wins, they will be promoted and their opponents relegated.

League Structure for second half of 2017

Premier Reserve Second Third Fourth
Tuks 1 Pukke 1 Pretoria 1 Tuks 5 DDHC
Old Albanians 1 Tuks 3 Rustenburg 1 TUT 2 PHSOB 1
Tuks 2 TUT 1 Chippas 2 Tuks Youth Nova 1
Chippas 1 Old Albanians 2 Old Albanians 3 Old Albanians 4 PHSOB 2
Tuks 4 Witbank OA Colts A Pretoria 2
Harlequins 1 Harlequins 2 Chippas 3 OA Colts Blue
Old Albanians 5 OA Colts Grey
Harlequins 3 Nova 2


Premier Reserve Second Third Fourth Fifth
Pukke 1 Chippas 1 Denbeys Scorpions Tuks 5 Old Albanians 4 Nova 1
Tuks 1 Harlequins 1 Chippas 2 Tuks Youth OA Cubs Blue Tuks Youth Stripe
Old Albanians 1 Old Albanians 2 Tuks 4 Harlequins 2 Harlequins 4 PHSOB 1
Tuks 2 Tuks 3 Old Albanians 3 Harlequins 3 Harlequins 5 Harlequins 6
OA Cubs A TUT 1 OA Cubs Grey TUT 2 Nova 2
Affies A Pretoria Affies B OA Cubs Silver Old Albanians 5
Chippas 3 OA Masters PHSOB 2
Rustenburg Denbeys Stingers DDHC


League Structure for first half of 2017

Premier Second Third Fourth
Tuks 1 Harlequins 1 OA Colts A DDHC 1
Pukke 1 Chippas 2 Tuks 5 Pretoria 2
Old Albanians 1 Witbank Tuks Youth OA Colts Blue
Tuks 2 Old Albanians 3 TUT 2 OA Colts Grey
TUT 1 Pretoria 1 Old Albanians 4 Nova
Old Albanians 2 Tuks 4 Harlequins 3 PHSOB 1
Chippas 1 Rustenburg Old Albanians 5 PHSOB 2
Tuks 3 Harlequins 2 Chippas 3


Premier Second Third Fourth Fifth
Tuks 1 Affies A Affies B Harlequins 4 Old Albanians 5
Pukke 1 OA Cubs A Tuks 5 OA Masters DDHC
Old Albanians 1 Tuks 4 Harlequins 2 TUT 2 Nova 1
Chippas 1 Old Albanians 3 Tuks Youth Old Albanians 4 Harlequins 6
Tuks 2 Chippas 2 OA Cubs Grey OA Cubs Blue Nova 2
Tuks 3 Pretoria Chippas 3 Denbeys Stingers PHSOB 1
Harlequins 1 TUT 1 Rustenburg Harlequins 5 PHSOB 2
Old Albanians 2 Denbeys Scorpions Harlequins 3 OA Cubs Silver Tuks Youth Stripe


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