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18/12: New Rulebook for 2019

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21-23 February 2019 : National Senior Indoor IPT [Pietermaritzburg]


Coaching Resources

All good coaches know that one can never stop learning about this game we all love.  On this page we aim to provide resources for coaches at all levels - whether you're just starting out with a mini-hockey team, you want to learn how to get just a little more out of your high school team, or you want to get your premier league team up one position.

If there are any coaches out there who can help us with resources to publish or list on this page, or if you are a coach and would like a specific issue addressed, please Contact Us and we'll see what we can do about it!

Northerns Blues High Performance Outline

In an effort to streamline coaching efforts within Northerns, and to ensure a consistent approach to coaching and player development, the executive committee has developed a document to outline our philosophies and standards.  The document may be downloaded HERE.